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Daily glass brand open market sales tend to diversification
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    Daily bo force in recent years, the foreign trade growth is slowing, cross-border electricity industry, is gradually becoming a new growth point of foreign trade. Cross-border electricity shortens the traditional supply chain, effectively reduce the cost of the intermediate links, is a household glass enterprise foreign trade new channels to exploit the international market. Concerned expert thinks, "micro, small and medium enterprises by means of electric business platform to participate in global trade, directly facing the customers personalized requirements, help them from low-end to high-end climbing in the global value chain", this accords with the general control of the transformation and upgrading of the "made in China", household glass enterprises should make full use of the Internet information platform tools marketing innovation.
    Will tell from the concept of generalized: "cross-border electricity basic equivalent to foreign trade electricity. Refers to the trading main body, belong to different passes condition by means of electronic commerce in the traditional import and export trade exhibition, negotiation and sale link electronically, and through cross-border logistics delivery goods, complete the transaction of a kind of international business activities". Can conclude the transaction, payment and settlement network, with the help of computer and use the line such as express mail, parcel post way would be delivered goods in the hands of consumers through cross-border logistics process, in fact the basic equivalent to cross-border retail. Its basic features are: traditional enterprises to enter; The improvement of the industrial chain; The opening of the brand; Market coverage. The terminal consumer quickly and efficiently. Can be directly through production manufacturers to cross-border electric business platform, foreign electronic retailing to foreign customers or production manufacturers, cross-border electric business platform to foreign customers. Its function completely subverts the traditional foreign trade path: manufacturers and exporters to foreign importers and foreign wholesalers, foreign retailers to foreign customers.
    Cross-border electricity to its future development trend: one is the glass product category and distribution market more diversified, gradually to more category, emerging market penetration. Second, fundamental changes have taken place in structure. Third, trade channel has improved, mobile terminal become important driver of cross-border electricity development. Four is industrial ecological improvement, the coordinated development of each link. Traditional foreign trade is made up of various foreign trade companies to complete the whole process of foreign trade alone. From inquiry, quotation, order, production, transportation, charter booking, customs inspection, foreign exchange settlement, verification, and so on. Process is complex, wide, interlock is to the labor-intensive of high-quality talent (white collar) as the main characteristics. Modern foreign trade through the network of information revolution, information technology, the traditional foreign trade company tedious to simplify the process of foreign trade, information, automation, finally realizes the intelligent; Second, the development of modern logistics and construction, the introduction of advanced information technology, communication technology, Internet technology and business philosophy, through a large warehouse, logistics, e-commerce mode. Through concentration and integration will change the traditional scattered independent operating mode of foreign trade, save social resources, improve the operating efficiency of foreign trade, reduce costs, and realize the standardized management.
    Early cross-border electricity as a kind of cross-border sales platform, do have the value of existence and reason. But I believe that, under the impetus of the Internet and electronic commerce, the future way of foreign trade will be a major evolution of glass products. The old and new ways of foreign trade impact each other, will eventually reach a new equilibrium, form a new pattern. Thus, under the support of modern logistics, modern foreign trade will present information, automation, intelligent and integrated foreign trade pattern. And electronic business platform in the evolution of cross-border will act as a important role to play a bigger role and value! Daily-use glass products are mass consumer goods, who first occupied the commanding heights, the value of its cross-border electric business platform can truly reflect!