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Glass futures continued weak oscillation
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    30 glass at 1509 to 871 yuan/ton, up 0.46% yesterday, today's low volatility, closed at 866 yuan/ton, down 0.12%, drop-off ing, holdings, a total of 116022, an increase of 3120, volume 112594, 28668, the highest 872 yuan/ton, the lowest price is 864 yuan/ton.
    According to the monitoring, 30, and float glass glass production and marketing of various production enterprise in China is stable, the price stabilization is given priority to, the national distributor weighted average price of 15.81 yuan/square meters. 30 national low-e glass market performance in general, the dealers weighted average price of 162.79 yuan/sq m today. Domestic float glass spot market consolidation is given priority to, shahe region of north China spot market stabilization, outbound, general manufacturers to accelerate the outbound, hebei security 5 mm float glass factory price at 992 / ton; Clinch a deal in east China market active, jiangsu HuaErRun 5 mm float glass factory price to 1152 yuan/ton; Central China market stabilized. Inventory data: the exchange of the warehouse receipt for 533.
    North China glass companies considering the recent or limited influence of the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, give priority to in order to promote the shipment, or there will be the possibility of restricting output, restrictions during production enterprise or shipment will slow, inventory pressure is likely to increase further, the north China market, or will be disadvantaged consolidation, some enterprises in north China prices decline or there will be risk, central China inventory is still high, the market price or the weak stabilized. Late as production enterprise of new production line and cold repair, to capacity pressure is still large, in terminal under the condition of lack of demand, prices upward pressure is very big. Glass is expected late futures upward or blocked, is expected in the near future glass futures continued weak oscillation.