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Glass market to narrow the regional price differences
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    The housing market is influenced by the overall economic situation, 15 years to reduce demand for glass, glass industry capacity after the outbreak of facing the reality of increase in the number of requirements to reduce production line. "Surplus" is true. But the industry is affected by profit cycle of psychology and furnaces, to production process is very slow, effectiveness not clearly revealed. Environmental protection become policy after implementation, glass enterprises more increased pressure, the higher costs, backlog profits, the glass prices continue to maintain a slightly higher level, the cost of line industry as a whole is facing great pressure.
    Price competition is inevitable, this makes the area between the shrinking market price difference of ordinary architectural glass.
    Shahe region has 0.1 0.2 yuan/square meter manufacturers try to raise prices to boost the market. Central China fell, the arrival of the rainy season affects the glass sales, inventory, long informed, flag marina, leading enterprises such as downgrades of quotation, some enterprises small plate price fell to 12 yuan/square meters. This week in southern China is given priority to with weak steady, flag with companies such as lower price, but not by much. In terms of price, the current 5 mm white float glass in north China plate between 12.8 to 13.2 yuan/square meters, the small plate in 11.6 to 12.1 yuan/square meters; East China area between 14.2 to 14.8 yuan/square meters; In central China with a number of them small plate price 12.3 yuan/square meters.
    Central China at the present stage enterprise prices are down, and sustained impact to the market, the export are also contain shahe area. New line put into production in 2015, cold production line and production is relatively small; Cold production line increase; In east China in the first half of the net capacity decreases obviously; Central China, southwest region capacity increase again. Capacity is trite, still need to be done for a long time.